It was a great day LC Raceway yesterday for one one the last outdoor races of the season. This year was their first season of racing and it went really well. Kevin Caldwell and family have worked really hard to make this happen and it’s great to see that it is paying off for them. I know 2023 will be even better. Also it was great to have Richard Metz make the trip down from Ohio to run the program. Rich always runs a tight program and was able to get us out at a good time.

My tires of choice were VP PRO Super Soft Turbo Trax. They worked really well in the dust and had great steering.

As far as the racing goes it was a great battle in all of qualifying between myself and an always fast Jeff Switzer. I would edge him out on the Ebuggy TQ by .3 seconds and would also take the Nitro buggy TQ.

First up was the 20 minute nitro buggy A main. I led the first few laps but after some issues with lap traffic I would go to second a few seconds back. I drove hard and made up the deficit and made my way back into the lead. Unfortunately Jeff would suffer from a mechanical failure and would retire from the race. So I would cruise to the win.

Dave Osborne ran my spare nitro car and would take 2nd with it. Awesome to see him racing again and still getting podiums.

It was not my day for ebuggy. Before the main we turned my car on and it was spinning in reverse. Turns out my ESC had somehow done a factory reset. I was able reprogram it and run the main but during the main it would run away at full power. I ended up in the road beside the track twice because it stuck wide open on me. I limped it around and took 4th. Definitely not how I wanted to end the day.

Overall it was a great day of racing with some good people. Stoked that I was able to run with one of the best and be on pace. A year ago Jeff would have lapped me lol.