Score Rd#2 is in the books. It was a great day at Phil Hurd Raceway with 114 entries and fast racers coming from surrounding states. As always, Patrick Rossiter Jr. ran an incredible program with large number of entries. Roger Cowart, Blake Alan Baker, and Patrick Rossiter Jr. had the track in incredible shape. The new layout is fun, fast, and flowing with wide lanes for the newer drivers. I can’t say enough about this incredible facility!

Ronan ran his XB8E’21 in the novice class which had 23 entries. I have the new car setup for him, and he is loving the corner speed he can carry with it. It was the first time he had driven the new layout and qualified 4th. In the main, he had the track figured out and ran a near flawless race taking the win. He is only at 50% throttle because he has not been able to fully apply the brakes due to his short fingers. He ran some 25s laps and averaged 26s laps in the main. The fastest laps all day were in the 21’s. He informed me on the way home he was using the brakes more and felt he could reach them now and wanted more speed. Challenge accepted! We will get to the track and start speeding him up.

With the increased entries I ran 3 classes which was no problem in qualifying, but it got hectic quick in the mains with me bumping out of the B in ebuggy. The last 6 races I either raced, Ronan raced, or I marshaled one. My XRAY cars were incredible all day and needed very little changes for the track conditions.

Nitro buggy was fun with lots of fast racers in town. My XB8 continues to perform well and is a incredibly easy to drive fast. I was running an engine I just broke in the night before. It was still a little down on power but ran great with a consistent idle. Qualifying went good with me qualifying 6th and finishing 6th in the main. Too many classes prevented me from adjusting the shocks, but there is more speed to be had for sure with better shock setup. Thanks to Roger Cowart for the great pits and Mark West for the quick shock change prior to the main.

I ran Aidan’s XB8E in ebuggy. I have this car absolutely dialed, but a broken lipo internal connection in Q1, put me in the back which I spent all day fighting back from. 2nd qualifier went well, but I started dead last and had to battle through slower cars. Still managed 17th out of 39 to put me near the back of the B main. Fought all the way to 2nd in the B and happily stayed there taking the bump. Started at the back in the A and got as high as 4th but got into some lap traffic dropping to 7th. Fought back to 4th again but caught a pipe taking too close of a line and dropped to 6th where I would finish.

My XT8 is still breaking in and has very little track time. It is only the 3rd time running a truggy and second with the XT8. I am still at near box stock settings until the drivelne breaks in. I qualified 4th and finished 3rd on the podium fellow XRAY team driver Wilson Cowart taking the TQ and win.

I finally got my new OS Type R from AMR Engines engines broken in with NitroPro JTP fuel. Thanks to Arron Morrison for getting me back on track with break in. It ran absolutely flawless all day, and it is a setup exactly like the engine I ran all last year which went well over 5 gallons. I am super impressed with the JTP fuel. My engine ran with a consistent idle and tune all day and did not have to touch a needle. The mid-range clear out is excellent with their lubrication package and power is second to none.

NitroPro servos are now in all our cars. Tons of speed and more than enough holding power for my truggy. They just work!

VP PRO Cactus Soft and SSLW from Dialed-RC Hobbies were great all day in the dusty groove. Great tires at a great price. With myself and two kids running 1/8 scale, VP Pro helps to keep the cost down without sacrificing traction.