Yesterday was my final race of 2022 with the New Years Trophy race at Eds RC Parkersburg. I ran my usual Ebuggy and 4x4 Sct on this tight high grip track.

I would use VP PRO Soft Flow Evos on Sct and SS Frontiers ground to slicks on ebuggy.

Myself and Dave Osborne worked together to get our cars dialed in during practice and it worked pretty well. We both ran better than ever on this track. I would qualify 2nd in both classes behind fast local guy, Wade Piggott.

I broke my sct in the 3rd round and did not have the parts to fix it so Wade let me run his spare SCT. It was a challenge to get used to it but I would still finish 2nd.

The ebuggy main started ok and I was able to keep up with Wade but several mistakes on my part took me out of contention for the win so I would yet again finish 2nd.

Overall not a bad way to end off the year. My ebuggy is starting to feel pretty good on this track but I just need to work my driving with the high pace.

Also wanted to shout-out Brandon Swisher with Pro Lidz for the awesome new bodies and car stands. My rides have never looked so good.