Another great weekend at the Tiltyard! Homer put in a great layout for us this year that is challenging yet flows well. It’s the best one I’ve raced on for sure.

I showed up Friday evening and got some much needed practice and to hang out with some friends I haven’t seen in a while. The atmosphere is always great at the yard and this weekend did not disappoint. Lots of fun and camaraderie.

Saturday was qualifying day. I had some good runs but never a without a mistake. So I’d qualify 2nd in both nitro buggy and ebuggy behind a super fast Paul Ciccarello. After qualifying I tried some different things and found some more pace.

For the mains I went with VP PRO Soft Blades on the front and Soft Impulse on the rear. This combo always works well at the yard, great steering with the blades and great forward drive with the impulse. First up was nitro buggy and I would get a good start and lead some laps. Unfortunately I had a left rear tire come unglued. I held on for a while and had some great battles for the lead with Paul but I eventually would have to get it changed. This put me far behind so I put on cruise control and took 2nd. The REDS RACING SuperVeloce was ripping the whole race and had no issue making the huge triples.

Up next was the ebuggy main and I made sure to check the glue on my tires this time lol. I got a good start and got into the lead when Chicky made a first lap mistake. I held it for a while and had a battle before I made a bobble which let him around. Towards the end he made another mistake and let me back around. The race was on. I layed down some good laps and held him behind me but with 1 to go he got on my inside and made a clean pass. I’d settle for 2nd. It was one of the best battles I’ve ever had and I’m super happy with it. I drove well but he just had a couple tenths more pace. I’ll make some changes and be better next time!