I attended the Annual New Year’s Race Adrenaline RC Raceway. Pretty awesome turnout for the event with some new faces and cool peeps. I decided to run the teeny wheeny cars for fun. In 2wd I would finish 2nd overall by using VP-230 Flow Evo and VP-430 Flow Evo. I just didn’t have the tire compound I needed but my little Losi always gets me around ok. In 4wd I would finish in the top spot after A1-A2 by using VP-330 Flow Evo and VP-430 Flow Evo. Now onto the “EBuggy” results. In the very competitive 40+ group I would qualify 3rd. In the mains I would finish second by using VP-810 Spider Web Evo M4 and MC. In the Open class I would TQ the single round qualifier but in A1 I had a receiver issue causing a DNF. However my WIRC Professional RC Cars paired with my VP Pro Tires along with my USRC Lipos and servos I had no fear and knew if I could pull out a faster total time while winning against my super consistent teammate Justin Stein in A2 I would have a chance. So I just drove and fortunately with some great race calling by the Maestro of the Seth Hardison I was able to get through traffic and have my best run ever at Adrenaline as far as consistency goes coming in at 97%. I would like to credit this unnatural feat to the Nitro Queen Tanya Isaac fighting through a sleepless Friday night,due to our daughter and her friends “Teenage Girl giggles” to watch the mains and giving me the warm and fuzzies on a very cold race day and night. It has been an awesome season this year for the indoor racing. We move onto the USRC Championship Promotions Final Championship Jan 19-21 at Adrenaline. I’m forever thankful to the people and companies that support my Famed Wolf Racing team and carry us through our RC journey with the best support in the hobby and sport. I’m even more thankful to have teammates who always have some good words of encouragement for me and each other throughout the day, even after we battle turn after turn. Seeya in two weeks