Round 2 of the Florida RC Championships at 555 Triple Nickel Raceway Race Report:

My car was Dialed Friday night with VP-Pro soft Cactus tires. Saturday morning it was freezing and they resurfaced the track so I switched to ss Cactus. They were decent but I had bad luck with traffic and plain sucked at driving.

Round 2 the track was finally dry and blue grooved with major bumps and ruts and dust - my favorite! I switch to s Cactus for 40+ Nitro Buggy and took TQ for the round. For Pro Nitro Buggy I switched to SSLW Cactus and qualified 2nd for the round right behind Florida’s fastest driver.


40+ Nitro Buggy A-main was up first. It stared 20 minutes before dark so I had to choose between soft and SSLW Cactus tires. I went with SSLW and that was the right choice. I had a close battle with overall TQ Carlos again. It simply came down to who managed the bumps and ruts and Lapped traffic better. But my Soar Seiki Buggy was dialed with VP-Pro USA tires and I had the race in control the whole time despite a last lap crash and getting stuck on the pipe for a while. I took the win again making it 13 wins in a row for VP-Pro Cactus tires in the 40+ Florida races I have attended in the last 3 years!


The Pro buggy A-main was run at night and it was cold and dark. The track really deteriorated and just making a lap without crashing was a challenge. I started 2nd but dropped to 4th and then flamed out after my last pit stop 3 laps in a row so I pulled it off for a DNF. But my buggy was Dialed again with SSLW Cactus and I qualified better than I have in probably 6 years in the Pro class so I was happy with the weekend.