The past 2 weekends I have been getting in some late season outdoor racing at LC Raceway. Both times the track has been in great shape, faster than it has been all season.

Last weekend I would run Pro ebuggy and nitro buggy. The tire of choice was VP PRO US Blade Evos. Both Sworkz S35-4 Evos were amazing and I would grab the TQ and Win in both classes after some fun battles with my buddies Wade Piggott and Dave Osborne.

This weekend I threw a new wrench in the mix by building myself an Sworkz S35-T2E etruggy! This started out as my original s35-4 ebuggy but I just bought the necessary components to switch it over. Thanks to Hunter Sayre for the loaner body. This thing drove surprisingly well. I would run Soft gripz but SS would’ve been better if I had some. I would take the TQ and Win.

For the Pro Ebuggy class I would run my old Euro edition ebuggy since I didn’t get my Evo rebuilt in time. It still handled great and I would TQ and Win on US Blade Evos after a good battle with Wade.

My Evo nitro buggy was a bit off yesterday, I’ve still got some digging to do to find the issue. I’d qualify 2nd behind Wade and I would finish there as well.

It’s been a great outdoor season, lots of good times and good races.