Yesterday I went to Tri-Cities RC Racing for the first time this year for their King of the Hillbillies race. The track was one of the trickiest I’ve drove on all year with some unique jumps.

From the moment I hit the track I was about 2 seconds a lap off pace. I tried several different VP PRO tires but decided to run Turbo Trax for the first 2 rounds of qualifying. I struggled in both classes to find pace and consistency. For round 3 I made major changes to both cars and switched to SSLW Gripz. The changes worked and I was able to secure the TQ in nitro buggy and get the TQ for the round in ebuggy to start 3rd.

With the sun setting I switched to Soft Gripz on both cars. Unfortunately the leaders wrecked on the first lap of the ebuggy main and in an attempt to avoid them I clipped a pipe and flew off the track. I drove hard and was able to hot lap the race in an attempt to run them down but I just didn’t have enough time or consistency. I’d finish in 4th.

Up next was nitro buggy. I let again got a bad start and fell to 3rd. I drove hard and made my way into the lead with a few minutes to go. Then on the last lap I ran out of fuel. I’d still finish 2nd.

Overall it was a tough day of racing. It seemed like anything that could go wrong did go wrong. But it was great to see some old friends.

Congrats to Wade Piggott for doubling up with the Win in both classes. You’ve got a great future Wade.