This weekend was the last round of the Ohio Extreme Offroad Summer Series OEOSS at Dillons Rc Raceway. It’s been 6 years since dillons closed down and it was awesome to be back for their reopening race. I’ve always liked the dirt at this track since there is absolutely no rocks and very little tire wear.

I would run Soft and SSLW VP PRO Cactus throughout the day. I had some good qualifying runs to take the TQ in nitro buggy and start 3rd in Ebuggy.

First up was the ebuggy A main. I ran a good race but a few too many mistakes kept me out of the top spots. I’d settle for a 3rd. In nitro buggy I got out to the lead and led up until the final pit stop where I would get tangled with a lap car on pit road. This put me a bit behind and I decided to try and push to make up the deficit. Instead I wrecked several times in some bad spots so I’d finish in 2nd. Last up was dash for cash race with no turn marshals. The top 5 in qualifying from ebuggy and nitro buggy would race together for 6 minutes. I was able to push hard yet stay clean to come away with the win and a $100.

Overall not a bad day of racing but the nitro buggy main will be one I remember for a while. Happy that I was able to come away with some cash though.