Yesterday my dad and I made the trip to RC Arena for their very first race. I didn’t expect much since they are new to racing but I was pleasantly surprised by this awesome facility. They also ran a smooth program which is unusual at a first event. Super excited to make it back down in January for their trophy race.

I only tried Soft and SS VP PRO Gripz and Cactus in practice. The soft Cactus felt the best and it was what I would stick with all day.

In round 1 of qualifying I was running on TQ pace in Pro Ebuggy when I pulled a rookie move and lost a wheel lol. And in the Pro nitro buggy class I would lose a steering servo.

Round 2 I fixed the issues by swapping the servo and switching to some new wheel nuts. But the track had deteriorated by that point so I just didn’t have the same pace as round 1. So would qualify 2nd in Nitro and 3rd in ebuggy.

First up was the Pro Ebuggy A main. I got into the lead early and never looked back. I ran smooth for the entire 10 minutes and never wrecked once, therefore taking the win. Nitro buggy was a bit more challenging with a wreck on the first lap. I worked my way back into 2nd and was keeping pace with Ralph Krum but unfortunately he had an issue so I would go on to take the win by over a lap.

Super happy with the way things went yesterday. The Sworkz cars were amazing with VRP Gamechanger pistons soaking up the rough track. I’m also stoked on this track, it’s going to be a great place to race for years to come.