GT-500-V2 1/10 2wd EP on-road Touring Car kit


Brand: t-saxo

Availability: 97

1/10 2wd EP on-road touring car kit

The latest from Team Saxo, GT-500-V2, is a 1/10 rear wheel drive electric on-road touring car. This pan car style 1/10 chassis comes with the right track width and wheelbase that fits most of the 1/10 touring car bodies. Combining the simple but efficient 2-wheel drive chassis with a close wheel body and rubber touring car tires, the GT-500-V2 is expanding the boundary of RC racing. It creates a low maintenance yet high performance class that drivers can now more concentrated in driving and have a wheel-to wheel close racing experience.

The GT-500-V2 is featuring a 12-scale style front end which is easy to alter the camber, caster, and other setup aspects.
The link style rear pod allows the chassis to roll freely without binding and it is easy to set up the side tube and spring to adjust the roll stiffness to alter the handling of the car.
A standard sized rear ball diff is included in the kit with touring car wheel adapter to take advantage of the modern tire technology developed in the competitive 4wd touring car racing competition.
Different positions for battery placement are provided for the drivers to fine turn the weight distribution of the car and alter the handling characteristics.
Different positions for body mounting are also provided to suit different body type and styles.